Junora's Biddeford, Maine Production Facility
Junora's Biddeford, Maine Production Facility
Junora Maine Team (11/2018)
Junora Maine Team (11/2018)
Junora Arizona Team (11/2018)
Junora Arizona Team (11/2018)


Junora was established in May 2017 with a goal of bringing new technologies and capabilities to market for the manufacture of rotary sputtering targets used in thin film deposition processes. We will be launching new technology: Q1 2019. Initial (2019) material group Junora is focused on for new technology: Ag, Al, Cu, In, Li, Sn, Zn and alloys thereof.

Junora is currently offering planar and rotary targets in a wide variety of materials manufactured by more traditional manufacturing methods. The first shipment (rotary targets to Asia) occurred in October 2018 with a number of other shipments scheduled before year end. Junora has also added planar bonding capabilities along with ultrasonic inspection

Locations: Biddeford, Maine (Headquarters, 15,000 sq ft) and Tucson, Arizona (R&D Lab).

Current Employees: 15

Our employees have extensive experience related to the vacuum coating industry and specifically: the manufacturing of sputtering targets and related components ranging from 5-25 years each.

The Management Team



CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board

A 34 year career in the vacuum coating industry operating and growing businesses, building teams, developing supply chains, products & processes development. A proven track record of being able to capitalize on opportunities. Hands on experience and success with taking something from a rough concept to a viable finished product (and related processes) ready for the market


Jason Bergquist


A 20+ year broad experience in operations, safety & compliance, quality and sourcing both domestically and internationally. Exceptional team building and project management skills.


Patrick Morse

VP of Research and Development:

Has 12+ years of experience in developing and implementing industrial thin film deposition processes and equipment including targets. He also has extensive experience in computer modeling/simulation with emphasis in changed particles / plasma, magnetism, heat transfer, material properties, and vacuum systems.